How Safe is CBD Oil During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Cannabidiol is a difficult subject to approach. CBD oil is popular among men and women of all ages and uses it for a variety of reasons, including anxieties and pain management. This will continue to grow in popularity and demand is on the rise too; but, when it comes to pregnancy, it’s cloudy. Are expectant mothers sensible to use CBD and will it impact a child’s development?

Research for CBD and Pregnancy Is Limited

While it would be great to say ‘pregnant women should use Cannabidiol, it is safe’, it’s not possible as yet. The truth of the matter is that while there are genuine medical reasons and benefits from using CBD, the effects on a baby during pregnancy are unknown. The important thing to remember is that Cannabidiol is fairly new. It has been around for a considerable amount of time but it’s only now that people are taking an interest. It’s really difficult to say for certainty its safe for expectant mothers. You have to be especially careful during pregnancy because the baby can be impacted by what the mother uses.

If you wanted to be extra cautious, CBD wouldn’t be something you use during pregnancy. Again, this is something you need to consult with your OBGYN. Learn more!

Should Cannabidiol Be Used During Your Pregnancy?

As said above, limited studies and tests have made it difficult to determine CBD’s effects during pregnancy. The FDA doesn’t recommend expectant mothers use Cannabidiol so that’s something to consider. It’s entirely possible your physician will say the same. However, there are many opinions being thrown around over this subject and it’s hard to know which way to turn. If you’ve been thinking about using CBD during your pregnancy, you need to carry out a lot of in-depth research and talk to a medical professional. While some will see medical benefits, that doesn’t mean it’s entirely safe to use at all times. So you have to think about yourself and the baby.

Continual Use for Pregnant Women

Let’s say you’ve been using CBD for pain management for several months. You’re now expecting a baby, does that mean you should continue or discontinue the use of Cannabidiol? That’s a hard question to answer but the FDA doesn’t recommend it. Of course, this ultimately is a personal choice. If you wanted to be a little more cautious you may want to avoid CBD during the entire pregnancy. Ideally, you need to speak to your regular doctor, physician, or OBGYN to determine what’s best for your baby. If pain management is a problem, they might be able to suggest a suitable alternative for the duration of the pregnancy.

Air On The Side of Caution

A baby’s development begins from the moment of conception and continues long after they’re born. However, the impact on a child’s development from something such as CBD is unclear. While the mother is using CBD oil for pain management, it could ultimately impact the baby’s development and that’s what pregnant women must remember. Again, it comes down to the lack of hard evidence to prove or disprove Cannabidiol effects on a developing baby. The fact the FDA and some doctor’s advice against Cannabidiol might prove pivotal. Learn more details at